Our Stories

As a Pacific Northwest Native, I love everything that the Northwest has to offer. From the big city feel to the small-town attitude, the amazing food and the beauty of the great outdoors. Married, with two young girls, I understand the importance of home and family. We recently moved from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, in search of a slower pace of life, excellent public school education, a strong sense of community, and to raise our family closer to the great outdoors. We pinch ourselves everyday, that our family found all of what we were looking for here!

I love my job as a NWG/Compass real estate adviser! Combining my passion for people and my obsession with anything house related, it is my privilege to help you acquire your next home and make a seamless transition. I am your real estate concierge!

When we were looking to relocate our family to Bainbridge Island, I wanted to know first hand from others, what their experience was. I was curious where they lived before, what spurred them to move here, and their experience so far. Below, I have shared several families stories and their experience moving to Bainbridge Island. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful.
Coates Family
Moved from Seattle in 2017

We moved to Bainbridge Island in the summer of 2017, just one week before our second child was born. It was a crazy time in our lives to make the move, but we often say that it was the best decision we made. With one toddler and expecting a second child, we were looking to upgrade to a larger home. We were also thinking about schools and wanting a safer neighborhood to raise our children in. At the time, we were living in the Seward Park neighborhood of Seattle. The competition in the Seattle real estate market, combined with the city’s growing pains and traffic led us to look outside the city. My husband suggested Bainbridge because his business colleague lived here. I am a lifelong Seattleite; I grew up in the city and I never imagined living outside the city, never mind on an island. We went looking at houses one weekend “just for fun” and ended up finding our dream house.

On Bainbridge, we were able to buy a larger home, with more property than is possible in a metropolitan area. We have space for our kids to run around and just be kids. Bainbridge is a family-centric community. We have wonderful neighbors. There are many activities for children and lots of parks and greenspaces to play, walk and hike. Our oldest son attends a preschool with expansive grounds for outdoor adventures, a pool and a horse corral. These are things that you don’t get in the city. The big box stores in Poulsbo and Silverdale are a short drive away when you need them. We also love living so close to the awesome recreation opportunities on the Olympic Peninsula and Hood Canal. There are many options for weekend day trips.

And of course, Seattle is close, but not too close. We go into the city often, for dinner or day trips to see family. But there is something wonderful about hopping on the ferry, leaving the city behind and going home to the island.

Remedios Family

Moved from Chicago to Bainbridge in 2017

When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, we hoped to find a community like we left behind in Chicago. Where you knew your neighbors by name, some now life-long friends.  Block parties were a constant summer activity, and a way to connect. Where Halloween felt like a national holiday with homes transformed into haunted houses 

People you knew, trusted and could lean on if needed. To help dig your car out of the snow to borrow one last ingredient to finish dinner to walk your dog or watch your kids in case of an emergency. An amazing support system. 

We feel we found that, and so much more in Bainbridge Island.  We traded snow for rain, skyscrapers for tall trees, concrete pavement for dirt trails and have never looked back.  

An excellent school system for our sons to learn and thrive.  A park district full of options to try new things or build on existing skills. Local parks, hiking trails, ongoing local events to connect with others.  Local resources like Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN), Bloedel Reserve, Mom’s Morning Retreat and all the friends we’ve made along the way. There is something for everyone in our family in Bainbridge Island.

Square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms may be important, but unfortunately are not indicative of whether an area has a sense of community. Our first night here, we had a steady stream of neighbors come by. That’s when we knew that we landed in just the right place, and found our new community.

Davis Family

Moved their family to Bainbridge in 2014

I grew up on Bainbridge and in Poulsbo.  When my husband and I started a family, we were living in Seattle.  It quickly became apparent that we were not going to be able to be have the lifestyle we hoped for if we stayed in the city.  

In spring of 2014 we began construction on our house on Bainbridge.  At that time, I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy living on Bainbridge.  We moved into our home that fall.  I was amazed at the ease of living on Bainbridge.  I could do multiple errands in a short amount of time, and no longer had to worry about getting the kids out of the car in tight parking garages.

Once our oldest started school (She is at Wilkes, and it’s AMAZING!), I quickly made lots of friends (She made lots of friends too).  I can not stress how much fun it is to be a mom on Bainbridge (I’m sure it’s fun to be a kid too, all the activities through the parks department, and having a huge fenced in backyard).  It is a somewhat small island, with a really tight community.  You can’t go out without bumping into someone you know.  If you are going out to the grocery store, make sure to plan extra time. You will end up in a drawn-out conversation in front of the deli counter at T&C with a friend who you bumped into.  Move to Bainbridge, and you will never be lonely, or not know anyone ever again.

Needless to say, I love it here.  I love it so much we built a larger home when I was pregnant with my third. One of the things I like most about our new home, is that I can make it to any sports practice, or after-school activities in less than 8 minutes.  Over-scheduling my children has never been so easy. 

My husband say’s that if things don’t go well with my current job, I could do infomercials.  Listen…. If you move here, you’re going to love it. It will take you no time to adjust to the much slower pace of life, you will find new friends, and be surrounded by nature.

Mann Family
Moved to Bainbridge from Magnolia/Seattle area in 2015 with 3 young children
We had spent some time on the island over the years, and it had become one of those “someday” dreams of ours. After having our third child, we knew we needed more space, and the idea of a slower pace was very appealing.
I thought might feel claustrophobic on an island, but that has been far from the case. Heading to Costco and Target actually takes me less time than it used to! I also think because it’s an island, there is a more defined sense of community than I have felt in other places.  Did I mention you can get a beer on the ferry on your way home? You can’t beat that commute! 
Moving to Bainbridge was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family. The schools are simply incredibly, our kids have space to roam, the people we have met have already become lifelong friends, and the number of activities available for kids in a place this small blows me away.
Samuelian Family
Moved from out of state to Bainbridge in 2017 with two young children
Our family moved to Bainbridge a little over a year ago. We have two small kiddos, who are now 3 and 6. When we relocated to the PNW area, we’d only been to Seattle once, but felt confident that we’d find our “place”. We spent 9 months getting to know the area and visited a lot of places in the greater Seattle area before we took the plunge and bought a home here on the island.
We were looking for great schools, a small-ish community, natural beauty, quick access to outdoor recreation, charm, good people, a reasonable pace of life, access to great activities for kids, access to Seattle and not a crazy commute to work.
A little over a year in, I can say that we got all of that. We have been in awe of both schools our kids are in (Montessori Country School for our 3-year old and Wilkes for our 6-year old — both are wonderful!), we are at a beach looking for driftwood or walking through gorgeous trails literally within minutes from our house (which is common almost anywhere on the island), the amount of cool and life-enriching activities for kids of all ages is impressive (check out Bainbridge Parks and Recreation for an idea of the volume and depth of activities available), once you accept being on the ferry schedule you see there is lots of upside to a ferry commute (drinks with friends, enjoy the sunset, read, work if you need to, sleep if you’re tired!) and while life with 2 small kids is far from “peaceful”, living here feels like such a sane, soul-filling way to raise our family. I pinch myself on the regular for the amazing life we are lucky to live here.